Saturday, February 5, 2011


Well I'm not sure how many people read this since I haven't updated in FOREVER, but I'm not going to advertise that I'm updating this so I can get my thoughts out of my head. It will also be good to have this for my book that I'm in the process of writing.

Two weeks ago I started HCG. Let me back up. About a month ago Devon (my dear partner in crime and fellow Group Q member) sent me an email saying that she was going to do HCG and I should too. She also forwarded me the groupon coupon from Skin Envy in GR which was for the 40 day program with 40 days worth of HCG injections for $299. It promised at least 40 lbs of weight loss in 40 days. I purchased. I looked into it and was delighted to discover that this program would strip down my nutrition and allow me to rebuild it little by little. So I was in. Two weeks and one day ago I went to Skin Envy in GR with my dear mamasita. I was given a bag full of 40 injections and was taught how to give them to myself. I find my hipbone and then go to the right of it (My right) to find a spot with flab and I inject it there. I had a three day load period where I was able to eat what I wanted. (My last day was pancakes, freshly baked cookies with milk, turkey sandwich, pop chips, WW mac and cheese, sweet potato fries, more cookies and two glasses of wine). Then I started the food plan part which is 500-1000 calories a day. One protein: Beef, chicken, veal, lobster, crab, shrimp. ONE fruit: apple, orange, grapefruit, strawberries. ONE veggie: green salad, radish, cucumber, tomatoes, chard, onion. AND one carb: either melba toast or grissini breadstick.
I do the meal plan for 40 days. I am now on day 13 of the food and day 16 of the injections. I'll be done with "phase two" (the 40 day meal plan) on March 6th and then I start phase three which allows me much more food- 1600 cal a day but still keeps out most starch and sugar. After 21 days of phase three I start phase four where I slowly incorporate some starch and sugar into my 1600 cal food plan and stick to that for the rest of my life.
My starting weight was 220 and today I weigh 205.2 It's working. Some days faster than others.

I learned that HCG works best with minimal exercise since you can't go over 1000 cal consumed and it might put the body into starvation mode. This week I'm trying to do as little exercise as I will allow myself. This is hard for me, because if you know me, you know that I love to workout every single day and I push myself in whatever I do.

I am not talking about this on Facebook or as publicly as I normally would because I don't want to read a bunch of comments telling me to stop and that this won't work. It is working and I am going to see it to completion. I just need to keep my focus. I will be down to 180 lbs by March 6th and I'm ready for that. I've also lost inches and that's amazing as well. I can do this, even though it's hard. I miss carbs. I miss working out as hard as I want to. I miss pancakes on the weekends and I miss dairy. I am getting tired of apples. I am getting tired of cucumbers. But I can do this... And I will. I need to teach myself a lesson and allow my body to adjust without so many carbs and without the bad habits I was starting to develop again. I made a promise to myself that I would never, ever go back to the person I was when I started this journey. I was starting to get glimpses of that person so I knew it was time to do something about it. My drastic "something" was HCG and I'm going to do it, lose my plateau and never have to do it again.

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