Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's not easy...

I realize it's been a long, long time since I've blogged. This is because I have faced some of the most challenging and emotionally draining weeks of my life.
We received a call from Hospice on Valentine's day that Sweet Baby Ray (My grandpa) was having a hard time breathing. It was a matter of time. We rushed to Kalamazoo and were there as a family as he had his last days. Losing the last of my grandparents was really hard and I'm not completely back to normal. After that week I had a rough work week last week and I've been sick since Friday. Today I'm mainly battling with a headache because the meds are tackling my chest congestion and my nose. Ugh!

In the midst of all this I have done some great runs. I ran 6 miles last week Thursday and I did it in 76 minutes. I haven't been able to work out since, and today is no exception. I'm giving myself time to fully recover before I go back to the gym.

My eating is going well. I have kept mostly to my food plan and that's been good. I weighed in yesterday 4.6 lbs lighter than I weighed on February 1st. I weigh 211.4 right now and it feels great that I didn't gain, even though I'm still in my plateau range.

I just want to kick this emotional draining time of my life and get back to doing what I need to do to kick this plateau and lose the last 40 lbs to my goal! Ugh!

I know I can do it, I'm ready to do it...

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