Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Penguins are cute

Yesterday I had a pain in my calf. I thought I could run through the pain but I couldn't. So I walked at a 4.1 for an hour and went *Shock!* 4.1 miles and burned over 700 calories! I'm pretty proud of myself for still making it to the gym and equally proud that I didn't push myself too far. Hopefully I'll be able to run again soon. Today I am going to try to get a circuit or three in and walk about 20-40 minutes.

My food plan for today:
Breakfast: Cereal, raspberries, Orange Juice, coffee
Snack: Special K crisps *Yum!*
Lunch: Smart Ones Mac and Cheese, 100 cal cupcakes, yogurt, banana
Snack: Yogurt
Dinner: Fish, salad, goldfish grahams

We didn't have a snow day today, and really the snow isn't all that bad. We are still getting some snow but it really isn't so bad. All that worry for nothing. Plus in my heart I really didn't think that we'd have a snow day. It's count day for the district. Most of the snow was in Muskegon and Grand Rapids and south.

It's going to be a great day! How will you make every minute count?

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