Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Missa sad"

Today my thoughts are with my last living grandparent. Sweet Baby Ray. He will be 98 in March. Yesterday he fell twice and they found out that he has blood on the brain again. They are going to try to operate today and he is in the hospital. Five years ago this happened and he was so much better afterward. However, Sweet Baby Ray is not the same as he was five years ago. He was brought in a few weeks ago to be observed and they changed his meds. He hasn't been as coherent as he had been. It's been hard for him to string three words together.

You know how you have that one grandparent or family member that you connect with and is just "Yours"? My Grandma Boughton was mine. Sweet Baby Ray is my brothers. He is really upset and might even drive home. I'm worried about Steve. I hope he's ok. He's alone in Iowa right now because Donna (his wife) is away on business for the rest of the week in PA. I don't like that Steve is alone to deal with this. I am grateful that he's in the loop though. That's a good thing. *sigh*

I hope Sweet Baby Ray makes it through this surgery, but in my heart I know that if it truly is his time to go and be with my grandma, he will go. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. It's a hard day at work for me today...

Last night I went to the gym and ran 2.67 miles in 30 minutes and then walked at about at 4.0 for another 15 minutes. I ended at 3.71 miles and burned 601 calories. I stuck to my food plan yesterday and I'm completely on track!

Food plan for today:
Breakfast: Egg sandwich, Orange Juice, Coffee
Snack: Grapes
Lunch: Tuna sandwich, orange, 100 cal strawberry cupcakes, granola bar
Snack: Apples
Dinner: Veggie lasagna, salad

I am hoping to get to the gym tonight at 7pm or so to run 30 minutes and do 30-35 min of strength training...

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