Monday, December 14, 2009

Cotton Headed Ninnymuggans

If you read my blogs you were probably asking yourself "Where in the world did Mel go?" Well last week Wednesday and Thursday we had snow days so there was no school and so I've been at home for five days- wrapping presents, making weight watchers fudge to give as gifts, decorating,etc. This past weekend I was out and about- saw two movies, went Christmas shopping, ate sushi, etc. It was a good time. On Friday I weighed in at 207.0, which is still my plateau but not on the highest end of it so that's ok- for now. I worked out on Tuesday but then didn't work out again until Saturday! Ugh! I'm ready for a full week of exercise for sure! Today I am going to the gym at 4pm and I'll do 25 minutes treadmill, 30 minutes strength training and 25 more minutes on the treadmill.
This is the last week of work before Christmas break and so I only have four days to say no to the food served to the kids as I sit with them at lunch- can I do it?
I had my yearly physical on Friday and everything checked out great! I'll see the ultimate results on January 8th, 2010 when I go in for the follow up but I feel great about it! I asked my doctor about supplements for appetite suppression and he asked me if I was truly hungry or if I had heartburn. I said I never get hearburn, and he said that a lot of people mistake hunger for heartburn. He challenged me to take Prilosec for one month and see if that helps. So I started that today. I just take one every morning with breakfast and we'll see if it helps...

Here is what my food intake looks like for today:
Corn Bran cereal
Skim milk
Orange Juice

Chicken and cheese sandwich
Fiber One yogurt
100 cal strawberry cupcakes

Beef Roast

1 cup dry Corn Bran cereal

Looks like a great day! Hope everyone enjoys their Monday!

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