Monday, December 7, 2009

"Oh the weather outside is frightful..."

Seriously... We don't have snow for forever and then all of a sudden *BAM* we get hit with so much snow this morning it's starting to scare me to think of the preschool kids getting picked up today! I for sure am glad I'm not a bus driver!

I'm in a funk. Plain and simple. I'm in a funk. I need to find my holiday cheer and I need to find it fast. I was irritated decorating the Christmas tree on Saturday. Why was I irritated? Because I heard Sleigh Ride and Frosty The Snowman a few too many times. Those are the two Christmas carols that I can not stand. Why? Because we had to play sleigh ride way too many times in high school and Frosty is dumb and sad. I hate that he goes purposefully into the sun and then lies to children saying he'll be back and then melts. What a dumb snowman. He should just go into a freezer and stay whole... See! I'm in a funk! I'm never like this at Christmas! I sing "winter wonderland" and "let it snow" and the hawaiian christmas song until people tell me to stop. This year I just can't shake this funk.

I think part of it is that my money is tighter this year. It's hard to buy presents and pay bills and have money for my new years plans. It's just hard. The other part is my struggle with this HORRIBLE plateau. I don't have money to hire a trainer or a nutritionist, but apparently I need one. Ugh! I just can't shake this!

Well today I am going to the gym (After I find and scrape off five feet of snow) for 30 min of treadmill and 30 minutes of strength training.

Here is my food plan for today:

1 cup special K cinnamon pecan cereal
1 handfull delicious granola mmmmm
1 cup skim milk


Low sodium clam chowder
special K crackers
100 calorie strawberry cupcakes

BLT salad
honey maid 100 calorie bar

**Let's see if I can follow that today- It's my short term goal!**

Hopefully I can kick this funk soon. Maybe a snow day or wrapping a few gifts will help, I sure hope so! :)

8 more days of preschool (counting today) and 9 more days of work until break!

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