Thursday, January 7, 2010

Na na na na na na-na

Guess the song from my title? Do you know what it's from?

Yesterday was a great day however a crazy day at work! I kept to my food plan and ran 2.2 miles in 25 minutes at the gym. I had a great night with my new friend and I just keep smiling! :)

Today I have a work meeting until 5pm so I'm taking a day of rest from the gym. I am going to keep to my food plan and try to move a little more during the day than I normally do. Tomorrow I'll do an intense workout with running before and after. I also have to go to the doctor tomorrow to get the results from my yearly physical. This always makes me a little nervous, but I know I'm healthier now than I've ever been... :)

Here's my food plan for today:

Breakfast: Fried egg sandwich, coffee
Snack: Granola bar
Lunch: Turkey wrap, granola bar, orange, yogurt
Dinner: Smart Ones Lasagna, salad

Have a super day! :)

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