Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wacky Wednesday?

Well I'm still vegetarian! I stuck to my food plan yesterday but added a snack when I got home from my long day- carrots with low fat dressing and a 100 cal bagel. I didn't exercise yesterday since I worked 10 hours and my body was sore from Monday. I'm still nursing a wound on my foot today so I'm taking it easy one more day and going back to the gym for a full workout tomorrow.
Today is a normal day for me at school and then after school I'm going to Grand Rapids! :)

This weekend I'll be in the Detroit area to surprise my BFF "Baby" for her birthday. I am so excited to see her face when she sees me! :) I'm going to go stay in my favorite hotel for a little "me" time on Friday night and then stay with my friend Betty on Saturday night. It will be a good time! :)

We are starting a Wellness program for February and March here at work. We weigh in on the first of Feb, March and April and keep track of points each day for things like water consumed, nutrition, portions and exercise. The person with the most points at the end of each week is the weekly winner and the person with the most points at the end of the month is the monthly winner. I made up the calendars and I'm in charge so I need to get some prizes together. I enjoy heading up this wellness program. It's my part in promoting a healthy life.

I am meeting with the coordinator for enrichment on Friday to go through the wellness program for kids/parents to be put in the brochure for the summer. I'm getting really excited about it!

Here is my food plan for today:

Breakfast: Quaker Corn bran cereal, skim milk, 100 cal bagel, low fat Cream Cheese, Coffee

Snack: Dry cereal

Lunch: Veggie pizza, orange, granola bar **Fresh fruit and veggie with kids at lunch

Dinner: Salad and ??

Should be a great day! I wish my foot was feeling better today so I could run though...

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  1. Make sure you are still getting a lot of protein. I cut out meat before and lost 80 pounds but got really sick from lack of protein. End result was I gained it all back.