Thursday, November 12, 2009

Almost forgot...

Today was a long, busy day. I had conferences today and I had a bunch of emails that I needed to send. I worked from 8:30am-3:00pm, took a break and worked from 4-6:30pm. I went to the gym at 6:30pm. I started with 30 minutes on the treadmill. I walked for five minutes at 4.0 and then ran for TWELVE MINUTES straight at 5.5 and then walked for five and finished up the 30 minutes running at 5.5. I then completed my strength training which focused mainly on my abs and legs. After I finished that, I went back to the treadmill for 15 minutes. I walked 5 minutes for 4.2 and ran for 5 minutes at 5.5 and then walked for 2 minutes at 4.2 and completed with a run at 6.0! I was on fire! :) I feel really good about my workout tonight and happy to say that I stayed on track with my food:

2 egg omelette with mushrooms (1 pt)
English Muffin (1 pt)
Jam (1 pt)
Coffee (1 pt)
Protein (2 pts)

Turkey sandwich (4 pts)
Yogurt (2 pts)
Orange (1 pt)
Strawberry 100 cal cupcakes (1 pt)

String Cheese (1 pt)
Yogurt (1 pt)

WW Smart Ones Pizza (7 pts)
Yogurt (1 pt)
1/4 cup Kashi cereal (1 pt)
Granola bar (3 pts)

Total points for today: 28 *Right on target with my workout!*

I may not be able to blog tomorrow, Saturday or Sunday as I am going out of town for the weekend, so if you are loyally following this blog, please don't cry. I'll be back to blog soon enough! :)

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