Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I am so tired today! I just want to sleep, even for ten minutes! It might be because I worked out so hard yesterday or maybe I just need some sleep. In any case, I'll be in Iowa tonight and enjoying a five day mini-vacation with family. Maybe I'll be able to sleep in until 9am tomorrow... I can only hope...

Yesterday I had to work until 5pm. *sigh* I arrived at the gym and went 35 minutes at 4.2 and burned 421 calories and went 2.52 miles. Then I did my strength training for about a half hour. Afterward I went back on the treadmill for another 35 minutes at 4.2 and burned 421 calories and went 2.52 miles again! So my total treadmill stats from yesterday were: 842 calories burned and 5.04 miles!

My food for today:
2 egg white omelette with mushrooms: (1 pt)
Orange Juice (2 pts)
English Muffin with jam (2 pts)
Coffee (1 pt)

Salad (2 pts)
Granola bar (3 pts)

Mini bagels with cream cheese (4 pts)

Subway? (7 pts)

Total points for today: 22 pts (Below target by 2 pts)

I am not working out today other than the walking I will have to do at the Detroit Airport to make it to my connecting flight.

I don't know how often I'll be able to blog while I'm in Iowa. Hopefully I'll have the chance...

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