Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I know that it's not such a good idea to weigh yourself every day. Usually I stick to the "weigh yourself once a week" rule and I usually weigh in on Friday or Saturday mornings. This week is different. This is the week I go below 200 lbs! I stepped on the scale this morning and it said I weigh 200.1 lbs! Seriously???!!! That's awesome!

Yesterday I went to the gym after work and walked 10 minutes at 4.0 and then ran for 5 minutes at a 5.5. After the treadmill, I did strength training for 30 minutes and then I went back on the treadmill where I walked at a 4.0 for 40 minutes and ran at a 5.7 for 5 minutes. So I did an hour of cardio and burned over 700 calories and walked/ran five miles. Awesome!

Well I'm definitely going to work hard today! Here is what my food for today looks like:

2 egg white omelette with mushroom and onion (1 pt)
Protein (2 pts)
English muffin with jam (2 pts)
coffee (1 pt)

WW quesadilla (4 pts)

Blueberry yogurt (1 pt)
100 cal strawberry cupcakes (1 pt)
Orange (1 pt)

Grapes (1 pt)

Salmon (5 pts)
salad (1 pt)
Asparagus (0 pts)
Decaf coffee (0 pts)
Muffin (2 pts)

Total points for the day: 22 points! :)

The workouts that I'm intending to do today: 30-45 min treadmill at the gym at 4:00pm and then power workout at Curves at 5:30pm.

This week is just going to get crazier and crazier from here on out...

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